Keeping Up with Ron, Sara, Jackson and Addie

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

Jackson likes: Building forts with grandpa, reading Magic Tree House books, finding toads, the Space Needle, writing lists, rides at the fair, Saints games, swimming lessons, Dairy Queen dilly bars, frozen blueberries, camping, tubing on the river, mini donuts, making s'mores and orange crush.

Jackson doesn't like: Mustard on his hotdog and loud fireworks.

Addie likes: Corn fritters with apple butter, corn on the cob, the carousel, blueberry ice cream, playing with her dollhouse, putting diapers on dollies, picking flowers, bugs, spiderwebs, playing with Leah and Elena, going to the park, having birthday parties and playing on Jackson's Leap Pad.

Addie doesn't like: Having accidents, frozen blueberries, nectarines and taking a shower.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping in Zunbro Falls

This weekend we went camping with my dad and Cathy in Zumbro Falls.  The kids had a good time and enjoyed some unique experiences, tubing down the river.  They spent a lot of time just playing in the dirt and building forts!

At our campsite!
Time to wake up!
Building a fort with Grandpa!
Getting dirty!
Getting dirty.
Playing in tubes.
Playing in the tubes!
All wore out!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The State Fair in photos

Batman Car
Ice Cream Cones!
The Space Needle
On the Space Needle
Inside the Luminarium
Inside the Luminarium
Phineas and Ferb
Fair Ride
In front of the Mighty Midway

Monday, August 20, 2012

100 Things

I was challenged a while back to write a 100 things post. With the inability to sleep I decided to take on the challenge.
1. I was born in St. Paul, MN.
2. I still remember my first home phone number 488-7507
3. I don't have any siblings.
4. I grew up loving spaghetti o's
5. As a kid I spent a lot of time at the beach with my mom, aunt mell and cousins Josh and Dame.
6. My favorite cereal as a kid was SW Graham... they should still make it.
7. I love The Judds
8. And have an unusual facination with Dolly Parton
9. I went to Roseville Area High School
10. I attended one year at University of Wisconsin - River Falls
11. I love Fall
12. I still enjoy parades
13. Macy's Thanksgiving Day is my favorite
14. My heritage is mostly German with some French, Russian and Indian mixed in, for good measure.
15. I'd rather read a good book than watch tv
16. I met my husband at Maplewood Community Center
17. I spent the month of January as a nanny in Paris when I was 18.
18. I've also been to Amsterdam
19. The most beautiful place is Isla Roatan ... i can't wait to go back.
18. I wish I could sing.
19. I sing anyway.
20. I sang Dolly Parton songs to my son the first year of his life.
21. I still have a thing for Axel Rose.
22. The best concert I have seen so far is Coldplay.
23. I used to watch episodes of I love Lucy as a teenager.
24. My favorite movie is On Golden Pond.
25. I am excited to read Harry Potter aloud with my kids.
26. I have two kids
27. My kids are my world.
28. My son has the most beautiful eyelashes.
29. I love to watch my daughter dance.
30. I enjoy scrapbooking.
31. I wish I were more fashionable.
32. I wear almost all black and gray but I'm trying hard to add color.
33. I don't like yard work.
34. I'm a pretty good cook.
35. I like to be creative.
36. I wish I could stay at home with kids.
37. I would love to live on a small hobby farm
38. and have chickens!
39. and a goat. And I would make cheese from our goat's milk.
40. I have taught myself to bake.
41. I enjoy challenging myself.
42. I try to set attainable goals for myself.
43. I am always working on a goal.
44. I like my job.
45. I am not a night person or a morning person.
46. I enjoy drinking coffee at night.
47. I miss my grandma and grandpa letourneau
48. I enjoy road trips.
49. I like going down memory lane, to cheese shops and ice cream parlors that I went to as a kid.
50. I want my kids to experience the world.
51. I like take spontaneous trips.
52. I once went to St. Petersburg on 12 hours notice.
53. and New York on 2 weeks notice.
54. I have a sewing machine but I don't know how to sew.
55. I talk to my mom almost every day on the phone.
56. I don't like shopping
57. But I do like having new things.
58. I could lose myself in a book store.
59. I used to be embarassed by my hairy arms, now I'm not even sure they are hairy.
60. I like garage sales and thrift stores.
61. I did not learn this from my mom.
62. I love snuggles from my kids.
63. I think i like scary movies until I watch them.
64. I'm afraid of horses.
65. I don't like wearing shoes. I would be barefoot all the time if I could.
66. I love my son's jokes.
67. I'm not good at doing my daughter's hair.
68. I like the concept of camping but I'm not all that fond of it when I'm doing it.
69. I don't do well with change.
70. I'm not good at saying no.
71. I often have too much on my plate and it's always my own fault.
72. Being a good mom is my number 1 priority.
73. I'm not social.
74. I HATE talking on the phone.
75. I'm great in small groups.
76. My husband is more social than me.
77. When I watched Annie as a kid I would sob.
78. I still tear up.
79. I can't give up Pepsi
80. I got married in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
81. I love Duluth.
82. I want to move to Austin Texas.
83. I don't like being cold.
84. I love the smell of baking bread and coffee.
85. And gardenias
86. I love eating BLTs with my own tomatoes.
87. I order BLTs a lot
88. I love french toast for breakfast
89. I really want to go to London.
90. I can't wait to take the kids to Disney World.
91. I can't read in the car.
92. My favorite place to shop is Michaels.
93. I like the quiet.
94. My fingernails grow fast.
95. So does my hair.
96. Gray hairs keep popping up on my head.
97. I remember the day I learned to ride a bike.
98. My mom makes the best goulash.
99. I was a good softball player growing up.
100. I love being a mom.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Addie's Quiz

Addie's quiz at 3

What's your name? Adeline
How old are you? Um, this many.
How many is that? three
What's your favorite food? I like noodles
What's your favorite book? bunny rabbit
What do you like to do? I like to play
Can you sing your ABCs? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY... I don't know ... what? Z?
What's favorite color? uh... purple and pink and orange
Where is your favorite place to go? Um, to the mall?
What's your favorite song? Twinkle Star
What do  you like to play with? I like to play with um, with my dollies Nelly and George
Where do you sleep? In my bed with my blanket
Where do you go potty? in the toilet!  Don't ask me that!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Addie turns three!

I can't believe my little girl is three! Where has time gone?!? A few weeks ago Addie and I talked about her upcoming party and we decided that we would have a ladybug party for the girl, it seemed quite fitting.

Grandma Pam, Grandma Jan, Auntie Nancy, Auntie Mell, Uncle Terry, cousin Nolan, cousin Malak, cousin Donnie, Libby, Cory, Allison, Quin, Charley and Piper were able to join us for the day.  We had many ladybug snacks and lots of opening presents.

Addie had a great time and really enjoyed the time with family and friends!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


On Jackson played t-ball this summer for the first time. In the beginning, Jackson said he didn't like it but the more and more he played the more he really liked going to t-ball. He really warmed up to it when his buddy from school Jackson N. was playing too. They had a good season and for the last practice of the year they played against the parents:
Jackson is up to bat!

On first

Dad's turn!

Jackson H. and Jackson N.

Team photo

Be Goofy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

Jackson Likes: Flying kites, swimming lessons, playing t-ball, The Magic Treehouse books, checking on his dinosaurs, watering our pots, playing with Isaac and Jackson N., walking in parades, eating tootsie-rolls, juice boxes, speculous and jelly sandwiches, camping, short bike rides and being inventive.

Jackson Doesn't Like: Time-outs, losing the iPad and spicy food.

Addie Likes: Corn on the cob, going to the library, going for rides up the driveway in the passenger seat, getting stamps, broccoli with cheese, ice cream sundaes, playing outside, riding in her car, playing on mom's iphone, waving out the front window, singing songs, camping and going to the park.

Addie Doesn't Like: Getting scolded, being hit by her big brother, kefir, barrettes in her hair and dry skin.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • Addie has been going to bed with big girl underwear on for the last 6 nights and she's only had one accident!
  • We went to a kite flying festival in Roseville this week. The kids loved it! It was such a creative event, for $5 we made our own kite and got to fly it in the field.
  • I am planning for Addie's big 3rd birthday party!
  • Jackson got his kindergarten school supply list. I'm excited to go shopping with him -- i can't believe he's starting kindergarten!
  • I hurt my knee on Sunday and have gone 5 days without running... this is the longest I've gone all season. I'm going to try to get out there today and see how it goes.
  • I ran my first sub 30:00 5K on Saturday for the Little Canada Days 5K.
  • The garden is coming in and the kids are loving picking the vegetables. They get a little carried away some times and pick things that aren't ripe yet though.
  • I have been enjoying reading The Magic Treehouse books with Jackson. He looks forward to them and can be convinced very easily to do something if it involves a chapter being read. We are now on book number 7.
  • Monday, August 6, 2012

    Little Canada days

    It was our community festival this weekend and the kids had fun at the carnival and walking in the parade with their school.