Keeping Up with Ron, Sara, Jackson and Addie

Friday, December 28, 2007

Are we raising a boob man?...

I've been noticing a trend. Every time I fold laundry with Jackson somewhere below knee level he wants to join in the fun. But it never fails, he finds a bra of mine and has the best time with it. Is he trying to figure out how the contraption works? Does he like that it's silky? What is it about the bra that he's willing to pass up ultra-colorful socks for? I thought today that maybe he would go for my jogging pants that are a much larger version of the same fabric, but he still went for the bra. I know what you are thinking... Sara must sport some wild and crazy designs on her unmentionables... but I don't, just your basic black or white. So what is it about a bra that my kid fancies?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Fun...

The Christmas holiday is over and it feels good to get back to normal. Five days in a row of go, go, go... I'm looking forward to things slowing down again. Jackson did great during the holidays! I couldn't ask for better! We made sure not to skip any naps and he was a little angel in the evening time which made things pretty much easy! Jackson didn't seem to be too excited about the presents, but he loved the wrapping paper and tissue paper. Too bad for him they aren't flavored, he loved putting it in his little mouth! Here are some photos from the holiday celebrations.

Opening presents

Sitting on Santa's Lap

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Out-sourced wrapping...

I'm wondering, what is it about gift giving that we find most important. The thinking, the shopping, the wrapping? For me it's always been a combination of all three. I often start thinking of Christmas gifts when the leaves start to fall, trying to listen for clues to bring the brightest smile to loved ones faces under the Christmas tree. I find that this is unusual for some... my husband is who I'm really talking about here.

Ron asks for a list, which I happily supply. He does do the shopping all on his own, even if it's closer to the holiday than I would do, but whatever it's his way. The part of the process that he doesn't participate in, is the wrapping. Ron drops off his gifts in their bag at his parent's house for his mother to wrap.

I think this is cheating, and makes the gift receiving less rewarding for me. What do you think? Take my poll

The biting wars...

Jackson still only has his two bottom teeth which doesn't help in the biting battle at school. He got his first bite from a fellow schoolmate today. Apparently Jackson was trying to win in a tug o' war over a much desired toy with one of the older boy in the toddler room and his enemy struck back by biting his right hand, not breaking the skin, thank goodness.

How do we teach Jackson what to do when another playmate bites him? What if Jackson is the biter? Bite back? Another experience to look forward to. More challenges to face.

On the Mend...

Jackson is starting to feel better. His nose is quite chapped from all the wiping, we can't seem to keep up with petroleum jelly, but we are doing our best. I'm just glad that he will be feeling better for Christmas, unless he picks up some new virus from other sticky unwashed hands at school. We'll be crossing our fingers that that doesn't happen.

I am so excited to see how he reacts to unwrapping gifts. His school did a little holiday party and we sent along a little toy cellphone for Jackson to unwrap. His teacher Leah told me that they put him in his highchair and he had a blast, I can only imagine!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snuffle, Sniffle, Cough, Cough...

Jackson is sick, sick, sick! We have gotten very little sleep now for 3 nights straight. He is coughing, sneezing, wheezing and we feel just horrible for him. He is heading to see Dr. Mayrand this afternoon to see if there is anything we can do for him.

A very sick boy.

Monday, December 17, 2007


We have a walker!! Jackson took his first 3 steps from his daddy to the television! Then 5 steps from Daddy to Mommy. Hooray!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Month Birthday...

Jackson is 11 months old today! I took a photo this morning to commemorate the event, I'll upload it later today.

Here is the 11 month old.

Now I'm the Tired Little Bugger...

Last night Ron and I went out to dinner at Il Vesco Vino with my co-workers for our little Christmas gathering. A tasty place to eat and a place I would like to return to.

My mom had fun babysitting, getting on her hands and knees and crawling all over our dining room floor to entertain Jackson before we left... I wonder how crazy she got when she was all alone with him?? After we got home and saw my mom out the door, we crawled under the covers and turned on the TV. Side note: This will have to stop as soon I will be starting school again and this time will be used to read. Anyway, shortly after we were all settled in, Jackson awoke with a cry.

I took the first shift of "This Old Man" and bouncing up and down, Ron took the second. After two hours we decided to try a small bottle and Jackson slowly drifted off to sleep, in our bed. Sleeping with Jackson between the two of us does not allow for a comfortable well rested sleep but at that point I would have taken anything.

Ah sleep... I awoke to Jackson trying to roll over top of me at 5:30am!!!

Anyone have toothpicks for my eyelids? Anyone?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tired little bugger...

When I picked Jackson up from school yesterday his report card for the day said he had napped for only 10 minutes. I thought for sure we were in for a rough night.

I got Jackson's dinner together and when Ron got home Jackson was fed and snacking on puffs so that we could eat our meal in peace. As our meal was ending Jackson was nodding off in his highchair. We decided to let him sleep for a bit so that he would be in better spirits for the rest of the evening. After a half hour nap, Jackson still seemed to want to sleep. We dressed him in his little pjs and he snuggled in with Mom for his evening bottle and off to sleep he went! Whew. No struggle, no night wakings, no cries. Just his usual passing gas and sighs thoughout the night.

Ron and I took advantage of the quiet time to watch a movie (Life as a House) and then off to bed. I wish all evenings could be so lovely.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa's Lap...

The line only took an hour and Jackson was patient as can be. Happy Holidays everyone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Missing a filling...

I went to the dentist today. I hate the dentist, thinking about the dentist gives me the shivers. A few weeks ago while eating some late-night popcorn I felt as though something got caught in my tooth. After a couple of weeks of extra flossing, flicking with my tounge, scraping with my fingernail, I gave up. I had a teeth cleaning appointment coming up and I would just wait until then.

Today was the cleaning appointment. The hygenist took an x-ray, the doctor took a look and it was decided that I was missing a filling. However, I never had a filling, my chart even confirms no filling. Second doctor comes in and agrees, a missing filling. Now I have an appointment to re-fill the "missing" filling. But should I really be paying to replace a filing that never existed? What happens if I leave this go?

And another thought: Why am I so poor at asking questions of doctors? They intimidate me. I make mistakes at my job all the time, I bet they do too, and this is one of those mistakes.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

We decided to take a walk on the snowy sidewalks today, so we went to Target to buy a sled. Apparently the time to get a sled is not the day after it snows, it's before it snows. Who knew? As Ron was searching the aisle for a sled I was in the car waiting with a sleeping baby. I called my mom to check in and she said we were in luck, she bought a sled for Jackson for Christmas. So Jackson got to go sledding after all. After we got our brand new sled home we bundled Jackson up and took him outside for some fun in the snow. Our time outside was brief, Jackson was not as excited as we were to be bundled up and sledding. I think the new teeth that are trying to make their way in got the best of him. We'll try again when the little guy is feeling up to it.