Keeping Up with Ron, Sara, Jackson and Addie

Friday, July 31, 2009

Como Lake...

Today we had breakfast and walked around Como Lake with my friend Joanna and her two kids Ava and Max. Max was born just a few short weeks ago and slept for our walk around the lake. While Ava and Jackson took off running ahead, jumping off rocks, checking out dogs and having a great time. We stopped to admire the waterfall before leaving the park.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jackson's Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Telling us when the light is red or green so we can go or stop in the car, going on adventures, watching daddy work in the garage, playing with sticker books, having a dry pull-up, finger paints, parades, clowns, stingrays, picking out fabric for his bulletin board, buying baby addie a book, eating breakfast out of a "big people" bowl and chocolate pudding.

Dislikes: Sharks, being told no, getting turned around at the kitchen table, not getting dessert.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Addie Updated...

Last week I had a doctor appt. where my fundal measurement was at 31, small for where I should have been at 36 weeks. So, on Tuesday I had an ultrasound. Baby Addie is growing just fine, her heartrate was 150 bpm, she was 6lbs 2ounces in the 42% for a baby her age. Today's fundal measurement: 35.

This week's appt. came back with a postivie Group B strep test. The transmission of Group B strep can be prevented, but it does mean that I need to ideally start antiobiotics four hours before she is born. How we will time this, I don't know!

The test results also provided an insight to why I am so incredibly tired these last weeks, why I've been having headaches and trouble breathing. I was just chalking it all up to the pregnancy, but in fact I am anemic, hemoglobin level 9. So I'll be starting some iron supplements to try to combat that.

I am also 2 centimeters dialated and 80% effaced, but that doesn't really give any clues to when labor will start... it just means I am progressing. I have also not gained any weight in the last two weeks, I told the doctor it's because there is no room for food!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daddys at the zoo...

On Saturday my friend Heather and I took a night off and went out for a night of scrapbooking with our other friend Emily. Our husbands loaded our boys up and set out for the Minnesota Zoo. It sounds like the four boys had a good time together checking out all the animals, while the dads got to spend some time together too. On their way out of the zoo they pulled up next to our friends John and Janine (such a crazy coincidence) and they all went out for dinner together.

By the time the ladies got home from their little scrapbooking retreat boys were still awake and full of energy!

(I did ask Ron to comb his hair next time they go out after nap time.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Underwater Adventures...

In February of last year we purchased a membership to Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America. We've paid for the membership in visits already, and will probably end up there a few more times once the snow flies. Last night we just wanted to get out of the house and do some walking. I was afraid we'd get caught in the rain so we opted for an indoor option.

Jackson enjoyed Underwater Adventures this time far more than previous visits. He was super excited every time a stingray came by, but was still a bit frightened by the sharks that headed in our direction. He said "Mama, I don't like sharks, they are scary." So we hussled a bit through that portion of the exhibit and at the end Jackson loved finding Nemo in the tank and viewing the little sea horses that are now on exhibit there.

Ron found the Sprint store in the Mall and replaced the car charger for his phone, that I hastily pulled from the car and broke a few weeks ago. And I happened by a Tea Garden that I didn't know existed in the mall! How thrilling to get my unexpected treat of a Taro Shake with Bubbles! Yum.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Date night...

On Friday night my mom took Jackson so Ron and I could have a much needed date. It was nice to be able to get away for a while from the boy and enjoy each others' company. We headed north to Running Aces harness racing site. It was a lot of fun to watch the races and bet on our favorites. Ron stepped away for one of the races for a little card playing, but lost too quickly to continue. We had a really nice time together and enjoyed doing something different. We were not the lucky winners of the evening, just the opposite really. I did pick the winner of race six and won a whopping $9, but that's as good as the betting went.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simple shoes...

I've had this Simple Shoes Web site bookmarked now for a couple of weeks and am obsessed with their shoes! I'm thinking that Jackson absolutely has to have the Doodles. Why? Because they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! But then so are the Noodles... oh, and the Innertubes are cute too. Which ones?? Take the poll on the right!

Noodle -- Blue

Innertube -- Mustard

Innertube -- Gray

Doodle -- Olive

Doodle -- Gray

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gooseberry Falls...

Last weekend we took trip up to Gooseberry Falls for a weekend camping trip in the state park. Grandma Pam was kind enough to sleep with Tinker so we had her camper all to ourselves. We were a little behind schedule, but arrived at the park around 4:00 and got settled in. We had tacos for dinner and took a walk to the lake, it was a beautiful spot for sure. While there, we got a call from Dame and Tasha announcing their engagement. We are all so excited for them.

On Saturday we hiked over to Gooseberry Falls and spent the morning wandering around the park. We took a snack break for licorice and promptly took our shoes off to walk in the water a bit, Jackson was a great explorer. As we walked barefoot across the rocks, Jackson wanted to stick his little toes in every puddle. We saw some tiny fish while there and plopped rocks into the lake. We also came across a spot in which Ron and I took a photo of ourselves after taking a trip to the North Shore to celebrate our engagement over five years ago. Now one child and one more on the way we took another photo at the exact same location. Tinker pushed the jogger on the way back to our campsite and Jackson promptly fell asleep on the way.

After a few naps were had we started preparing for dinner; kabobs on the barbie. After dinner we set out for another hike to the lake. This one turned out to be a little more adventurous than the others, but we made our way back through some difficult terrain with a double wide jogger stroller. When we got to the clearing, Jackson exclaimed "We did it!" Jackson really had a great time while and the park and had to be cleaned up multiple times during the day to be presentable, but it didn't take him long to get filthy all over again. He loved throwing rocks in the lake and the secret passage that led to the bathrooms.

On Sunday after breakfast we headed home, but not before making a stop at the Duluth Zoo. Jackson got to see his favorite animal, the kinkajou.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dairy-free chocolate chip cookies...

Jackson was a helper in the kitchen this morning! We made dairy-free chocolate chip cookies together. I added all the liquid ingredients while Jackson added all of the dry. He kept an eye on the mixer and helped to put the cookie dough on to the baking sheets. This was the first time that he was truly a big helper in the kitchen and it was so much fun to work with my little guy. He is sure growing up quickly.

UPDATED: Summer Fun List

I needed to keep track of the list in my head of all the things I want to do with Jackson or maybe both kids this summer. It's possible that this list is ambitious considering we are expecting the baby in middle August, so some things may need to wait until next summer. Here is our "Summer Fun" list:

1. Pick strawberries
2. Run through the sprinkler
3. Battle Creek Waterpark
4. Horse Races
5. Paddleboat ride
6. Fishing
7. Sleep in a tent
8. Roast marshmallows
9. A water balloon toss
10. The Arboretum
11. Nature walk in Lake Elmo
12. The train museum
13. Go to a drive in movie
14. Pick our raspberries
15. Harvest the garden
16. May Day Parade
17. Grand Old Day Parade
18. Nature Valley Bike Racing
19. Take in a Twins Game
20. Plant a vegetable garden

And a few last minute additions:
21. Watch fireworks
22. Go for a pontoon ride
23. Make and eat popsicles
24. Go to a movie

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White Bear Ave parade...

Jackson had curb-side seating for this year's White Bear Avenue parade. He mostly enjoyed the clowns and the marching bands. He covered his ears when the fire sirens roared by and was thrilled about the dum-dums suckers handed out.

A trip to the hospital...

When I woke up yesterday I was feeling fine, but on my way to work I was starting to feel a little funny. After settling in at my desk and starting to dig in to work, I noticed some odd cramping going on. I tried to drink water, switch positions, but I just couldn't get comfortable, it felt mostly like menstrual cramps that would change in intensity. I went for a walk, to see if a change in position would help, but it only seemed to make things worse.

I decided to call Ron and run it by him. He thought it was something I should call my OB Nurse about, so I dialed up Andrea who wanted to know how soon I could be in the clinic. Ugh... on my way to the clinic. There they did a urine culture that came out clean and Andrea checked my cervix, dialated to 1, 80% effaced. I guess this was not good, when the numbers were ran by my doctor he thought it best if I went across the street to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours.

I headed over to St. John's hospital, called Ron and checked in. They hooked me up to a monitor to measure contractions and baby's heart rate. Because I came in around lunch time they handed me a food menu... best part about hospital stays! I ordered up my lunch and was starving when it arrived. Ron came through the door to keep me company while I lie in the hospital bed. Since the Michael Jackson memorial was taking place, we flipped on the TV and watched the coverage from the Staples Center in LA.

Ron asked some good questions of the nurse who told us that at this point the baby would be okay, but would need to stay in special care for a while to mature her lungs if delivered now. We were also told that there were things that could be done to put off labor, but that most likely I was looking at a couple weeks of bed rest. A million things ran through my mind, but mostly: How was I going to take care of a 2.5 year old on bedrest?? Would he understand that I couldn't pick him up anymore? Would he be sad that I wouldn't be able to play with him? Poor kid.

After two hours of monitoring the contractions were becoming a bit more intense and my cervix was checked again, but this time the nurse thought I was only about 60% effaced, good news. However, after that the contractions sped up and seemed to come closer together, while not painful, it was obvious that they were contractions. After monitoring again for another couple hours they consulted Dr. Ashford who decided three rounds of Terbutaline was the way to go.

The needle went in and almost immediately I began shaking like a leaf, a side effect of the medication. But not long after this first injection the contractions seemed to disapate. After 20 minutes the nurse came in to check my pulse which was at 117 just under the 120 mark of not being able to give another injection. After the second injection the shaking and racing heart heightened, but again the contractions were minimal. Another 20 minutes and another injection was given.

Dr. Ashford came over to see me and was happy with the last hour of monitoring, he checked my cervix which had not progressed... a great sign, still 1cm. Contractions were just Braxton Hicks and nothing to be concerned about. I am now 34 weeks and some practices do not choose to stop labor at 34 weeks, but Dr. Ashford does. However, by next week, Terbutaline would not be administered and I'd be allowed to deliver 5 weeks early. So, doctor Ashford sent me home... yay... no restrictions!

Today I am home just laying a bit low after an eventful day yesterday, trying to get rid of the massive headache and nausea that the Terbutaline caused and will be full speed ahead... starting tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First movie...

This picture is taken with Ron's camera phone, in the dark, so it's not of very good quality. Jackson saw his first movie in the movie theater on Monday! We took him to see Ice Age 3 in 3-D. The previews were a little "old" for the movie and frightened the poor guy a bit. Jackson loved having his own little cup of popcorn and did great for the movie.

A few times he would talk outloud, but for the most part stayed quiet. He climbed into my lap for some of the scarier parts and decided it was less scary without the 3-D glasses on. With only 10 minutes left of the movie he peed through his pull up and right on to mom's lap!! Ha-Ha. We stayed for the end and used the bathroom on the way out.


Footprints in the... blacktop (size 8).

Monday, July 6, 2009

A fifth of July party and a baby shower...

On Sunday, we headed from great grandpa Kolar's south to Aunt Mell and Uncle Terry's for their annual fourth of July party. Little did I know, this was also a baby shower for Addie. We got loads of girly pink clothes for the little one and find ourselves very lucky to have such kind, generous relatives. Most would never have a shower for a second baby, but my family is so thrilled about bringing a little girl to the family they just couldn't help themselves.

Opening shower gifts

Luke and Jackson play in the pool

Adults like pools too. Tinker and Jackson

And who doesn't like sidewalk chalk? Kathie and Jackson

And dads like trikes

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping for the fourth...

On Saturday morning we loaded up the van, picked up my mom's camper and headed north for our annual "camp out in great grandpa Kolar's back yard" trip. We made it into Pine City at around 11:00 and started setting up the camper. We kept Jackson busy with lots of books and toys inside the camper while we got organized.

Grandpa had visiting relatives from Kentucky, his sister Claudie, her daughter Susie and Susie's husband Rob. They all came out to check out our camping digs and we joined the for a small lunch. Later in the afternoon the rest of the family came up for a fish fry. Uncle Mike, Aunt June, Uncle Steve, Aunt Kathy, Grandma Jan, Uncle Jim, Uncle Chris and Aunt Linda. Jackson had the first piece of fish off the fryer and loved it!

Jackson had a blast chasing poor Muffy around the house, playing games with Susie and Claudie, a little fishing from the dock and watching the 4th of July Boat Parade on Cross Lake. All kept him too busy for a nap, but when we all sat down for dinner the boy fell asleep at the table! After a nap on great grandpa's bed, he was refreshed and ready to go again.

Uncle Mike took us out on the pontoon to catch some fish, and boy did we ever! Uncle Mike is a pro fisherman and knew just the way to catch them, one right after the other. Jackson helped his dad and uncle Mike to real in many sunfish, a few perch, a sheep head and a crappie. He had a blast getting worms to put on hooks and petting fish before tossing them back into the lake. By the end of the trip when asked about how big his fish were, Jackson would answer in true fisherman style: spreading his hands out further and further while saying "this big!"

That night we roasted a "smarshmallow" over the campfire and watched a few fireworks from across the lake. But the mosquitoes had joined us and it was time to call it a night. Jackson watched a little video in the camper before lights out and fell fast asleep, just after his mama did next to him.

The next morning we had breakfast and snuck in another quick fishing trip before heading south again.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A new pool...

Last weekend we set up a new pool so that Jackson could get some swimming in and mom could spend time outside without getting too warm. So far we have had two splendid days in the sun in the pool and Jackson really enjoys it.

That Face!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jackson just shy of 2.5...

- You love watching Go Diego go before bedtime. It calms you and makes for a nice snuggling ritual on the couch at the end of a day.

- When given the time you love to pick out your pull ups or your pajamas and get excited when you've been successful.

- You are a sponge. You learn new words every day and repeat them in a tone of question. As if to say "is this right?"

- You don't mind when mom or dad have to leave and always ask for a kiss and a hug. You often tell daddy to give mom a hug and a kiss when he heads off to work too.

- You love to sing to the baby in mommy's tummy. When asked where baby Addie is you point and say "inside mommy's tummy." Sometimes you also want to show others how babies get fed by pulling down mommy's shirt. Feeding the new baby will be interesting.

- You enjoy playing with play-doh and only ask to switch colors every five minutes or so.

- You read a lot, often "reading" stories to mom and dad.

- You know landmarks: which house is one of your grandparents, which building is daddy's work, the hospital, the library, your school when you pass by it in the car.