Keeping Up with Ron, Sara, Jackson and Addie

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strawberry fields forever...

Likes and dislikes from the week:

Jackson's Likes...
airplanes, chicken nuggets, helping to put away groceries, puppies at the humane society, going bye-bye, petting farm video, Dr. Jeff the chiropractor, bikes and more airplanes.

Jackson's Dislikes...
staying inside, avacado, his molars making their way through, skin on potatoes and dogs barking.

Strawberry Fields Forever
Sunday morning saw our little family heading to the Afton Apple Orchard for a morning of back-breaking strawberry picking. Jackson started out strong, but his slight fever and new molars breaking through his poor little gums, got the best of him and he decided just to walk along holding our little flag marker. He was happy to see horses, cows, boats and airplanes on the ride and was able to enjoy the freshly picked strawberries with his lunch when we got home.

A Belated Mother's Day
I finally received my Mother's Day gift that I've been waiting for. Ron finished building the chalkboard that goes perfectly in our kitchen on our way out the door for love notes (hint, hint) and Target lists.

I did get a Twin's Cuddyer t-shirt on Mother's Day, so I wasn't without a gift, it's just that I had asked for the chalkboard in my attempt to organize and keep my brain on top of things. It seems ever since Jackson came into my world, I can't even remember what day of the week it is.

Garage sale find of the week:
These cute little fire truck slippers that Jackson has been wearing all weekend, he just loves them. I also found a Thomas the Tank train track set, but we've cleaned and packed it up for a cold day this winter that keeps us indoors.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A cheese alternative...

I'm so happy with my find of the day!! A while ago I decided that I would do all of my grocery shopping online, it saves time and money (it's much easier to price compare, I don't impulse shop and I can organize my coupons). Well Simon Delivers has started to carry Tofutti and veggie slices. Since we've gone dairy-free for Jackson's ears, varying the dinner and lunch menus has been kind of difficult. Well now we have some new options, yay!

We've converted...

Jackson had been showing some signs of wanting to use the "big" potty instead of his small one that sits on the floor. We tried it a few times with success, so we purchased this convertable potty chair (used of course, and for only $1). He is surprising us all with how well he is doing. He doesn't let us know that he has to go but when we think it's about time, we ask Jackson if he needs to go potty. He toddles to the bathroom all the while saying "potty, potty". We plop him down on the potty and he draws on his little magna doodle while he goes. We've changed only one, maybe two poopy diapers in the last three weeks, it's great! His teachers at school seem to be having the same kind of success with him too.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a big kid now...

Jackson is growing like a weed. The other day we realized that his 18 mo. shorts stopped fitting him. I've decided that could only mean that our boy is getting taller so he is thinning out. It meant though, that I had to head to Once Upon a Child to get some size 12 mo. shorts. Now again, we are set for summer clothes, after a slight set back in sizes.

What I notice more and more about Jackson is his want to help. Whatever we are doing, he wants to help in some way. He isn't always the best at putting things where they belong, but he certainly makes an effort, and loves to be asked to put something in the garbage. It's so sweet to see. Here is a photo of him "helping" to vacuum.

This weekend was so beautiful that in addition to our swim lesson on Saturday morning we broke out the pool in the yard so Jackson could play a bit before we were chased inside by the rain clouds.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No need for all those yellow pages...

It seems like every other week we are getting a new phonebook delivered to our doorstep. I know people and businesses move frequently, but do I need to be informed every time? Seems like such a waste of valuable resources! A coworker recently shared this link

Sign up today to stop the production and delievery to your doorstep. Who needs the yellow pages when we have the internets??

Motor boat meets Mr. Potato Head...

On Friday Jackson and I stopped at a garage sale and found this kid sized Dirt Devil. Jackson has been fun dragging it around the house driving his dad crazy with the noise it makes.

Saturday was Jackson's first day of swim lessons. Unfortunately I got sick and had to miss them, but Ron got in the water with him for his first class. His friend Grayson is in his class too... and by the photos, it looks like he had a good time. And that night in the bathtub, all he wanted to do was blow bubbles!

And last night Jackson helped in the kitchen. We brought out the stepstool and he climbed right up so he could help scrub potatos and snap peas. He's really getting to be quite the helper.

Monday, June 16, 2008

In a nutshell...

There are so many things I want to write about, but when I finally get the time, I forget what they all were. Here's a brief update on what's been happening on the homefront.

Father's Day:
It went something like this: The three of us eat breakfast and get ready for an early morning trip to meet my dad at the Farmer's Market. Ron and Jackson in the driveway, Sara gathering up a few things for the diaper bag. "Ron do you have your key?" Replies "Yes". Door slam. Crap. Not the RIGHT keys!! Ugh. Luckily my dad has an extra to our house and because he is forever early for everything he drove from the Farmer's Market to our house to bail us out of yet another jam. On to the Farmer's Market and breakfast with the rest of my dad's family.

The remainder of our special day was spent watching the Great River Energy Bike Race in Stillwater and having dinner at The Dari-ette (which has been featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network).

Father's Gift:
For Father's Day Jackson and I got Ron a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys, a book every parent should own. This copy is a used copy, so it follows along with my pledge to The Compact, however it looks brand spankin' new. The book covers topics like How to Tie a Square Knot, How to Build a Tree House, Morris Code, Famous Battles and much more. The gift was a success, so run out and get your copy now for next father's day!

The Compact:
It's possible we have a quitter in the family! (Hint: It's not me) I'll let you know what happens, maybe this post will help him back on the wagon.

Potty Training:
Jackson is doing great getting on the potty. He typically goes poop and pee every morning while he plays with his hand held magna doodle. He's interested in using the big potty and some times he points to it when I ask if he wants to use the potty. Yesterday I put him on the big toilet and he peed! We may need to think about getting a converter for the big potty instead of using the small one on the floor. He is so proud of himself, and of course we are too.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears...

Sunday morning at breakfast Ron thought we should get moving and head to the MN Zoo to see the new Grizzly Coast exhibit. He thought if we got there right at opening we'd miss the crowd, since the exhibit opened just the day before. He was right, and we had a great time!

So close to bears! I couldn't believe it.

Jackson was carefully studying the grizzly.

But, as you can tell from this photo, the mear cats were his favorite. (You have to click on this photo to see the great expression on his face)

Missing a filling or not...

Back in December my dentist told me that I was missing a filling and should make an appointment to get it filled, even though I never had a filling in the first place. I decided to buck the system and not get "it" filled. Since I did not believe there was ever a filling, my chart agreed, I couldn't figure out why I would get it filled.

Well, six months later I was back in the chair for another routine filling, and guess what? No mention of a missing filling. Instead I was told that my teeth were the best set they had seen all week... (it was a Thursday). What gives?

Monday, June 9, 2008

The last of the vocab update...

It is with glee that I tell you, this is the last time I will do a vocabulary update, the list is just getting too long and I can't keep track of all of the words. What a smarty-pants we have on our hands.

Ball -"alllll"
Duck - "du"
Hat - "at" while patting head
Hi - "hi"
Uh Oh - "uh oh"
Daddy - "daddy"
Peas - "eeeez"
Cheese - "cheeez"
More - "more"
Frog - "og"
Dog - "dawww"
Socks - "aaacs"
Diaper - "dada"
Fish - "ishy"
Water - "ah er" while pointing to cheek
Cookie - "cookie"
Broccoli - "acklli"
Keys - "eeeys"
Banana - "dada"
Apple - "ahh" (we are still working on the second syllable)
No - "doe, doe, doe"
Daddy - "daddy"
Up - "up"
Down - "dow"
Please - "eez"
All Done - "aww don"
Help - "howwa"
Shoes - "oooze"
Water - "wawa"
Potty - "pady"
Poop - "poop"
Strawberry - "awb by"
Blackberry - "bac by"
Walk - "alc"
Outside - "ow si"
Owie - "owie"
Elmo - "emo"
Cracker - "rackr"
Bye - Bye - "bye - bye"
Baby - "baba"
Baseball - "baybal"
Please - "peace"

Moo (cow)
Woof (dog)
Roar Roar (lion)
Vrroooom (car)
Ooh Ooh Aah Aah (monkey)
Meow (cat)
Roar (tiger)
Hop Hop (bunny)
Baaaa (sheep)
Grrrrr (bear)
Owwwww (wolf)
Baaaa (goat)
peep peep (bird)
cock (rooster)
who who (owl)
ssss (snake)
ack ack (duck)

and get this...
He pounds on his chest when asked what a gorilla says!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Next best thing to dumpster diving...

I heart Twin Cities Free Market (TCFM). Even better than Craigslist, where you can find used stuff for cheap, TCFM is FREE!

Ron was talking about putting edging in around some of our gardens and around the pine trees in the backyard and then filling them in with woodchips or rock. I reminded him of The Compact and I also felt sad about the thought of buying an enormous amount of plastic that perhaps someone else would be willing to get rid of.

And, that's when I started checking Craigslist, and after a few days wasn't having any luck. It was then that I was reminded of TCFM, and sure enough 350 feet of plastic edging someone wanted to get rid of, in our own city, no less. The recycler had looked all over, even went to the city to see how he could recycle this massive amount of plastic and was turned down. However, they did tell him to try posting it on TCFM. And this is how we ended up with 125 feet of just what we were looking for!

The pictures taken are just of the plastic placed on the ground, we have yet to dig in and make it a permanent part of our landscape. We'll do that whenever this rain stops and we start getting some June weather.

Now, I'm on the lookout for free rock or woodchips, I am so resourceful.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our lives as Compact(ors)

Week 5 of our pledge not to buy anything new for a year:
The Compact pledge has gone well in our house thus far. We had purchased a few Mother's Day cards, because I was too lazy to make them, though our Father's Day cards will be hand made (I hope). Ron also had a real need for new hiking shoes, and because hiking shoes count as an exception (they are a consider a health and safety item) we felt justified in making the purchase. Aside from these two buys, we have been dilligent about following the Compact.

So far this pledge has allowed Ron and I to really think about the things that we want and need and how to get them. Ron has not been as excited to take this journey as I have, but I think he is coming around.

I am in real need of summer clothing. Normally I would head out to the mall and make the purchases I need (want). However this pledge has forced me to find another way, and I have -- Savers.

Last Friday's Saver's Purchases All for $31.00:
Ann Taylor tank top (tag attached)
Abercrombie khaki shorts
Larry Levine black capri pants
Merona shorts (tag still attached)
Gap shoes for Jackson (like new, size 7 for this Fall or Winter)
Rugrats Puzzle (still in the wrapper)
Diggers and Dumpers book
Elmo's Takes a Picture book (with a little camera that flashes)
Tonka Tractors book

Did you hear that? Only $31.00!

Here is another local story about a family following The Compact.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I love a parade...

We had a great time at this year's Grand Old Day celebration. We got there much earlier than I ever have in years past. This year it was about seeing the parade with Jackson, instead of hanging out in the beer gardens listening to local musicians like Tim Mahoney, Martin Zeller, GB Leighton and Dazy Head Mazy. It was a nice change of pace and an event we enjoyed as a family. Jackson had so much fun watching the parade march before his eyes, he danced along with all the music and clapped with the marching bands. We'll be looking for more parades this summer, since he seemed to enjoy himself so much. This is a photo of me and Jackson watching bouncing team (always one of my favorites in the line-up).